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The immense opportunities of the Slave Lake Region invite all to discover the best of life and business success. Opportunities in forestry, agriculture, mining, quarrying, oil and gas extraction, construction, retail and hospitality industries are vast and plentiful. With a regional population of over 10,000 people, and a trading area of over 25,000 people, the Slave Lake Region has a base of large mainstream businesses as well as a strong entrepreneurial and small business presence. Large mainstream businesses such as Walmart and Canadian Tire provide brand-name recognition to the vast trading area. The downtown core of Slave Lake offer visitors and residents general goods and services such as clothing and shoe stores, financial services, and a variety of eateries.

Our business community is celebrated and supported by the Slave Lake and District Chamber of Commerce, and Community Futures Lesser Slave Lake. Annually, the Slave Lake and District Chamber of Commerce hosts a large two day trade show which draws over 2,400 people from all over the region and provides a venue for more than 150 businesses to market and advertise their goods and services affordably with great results.

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