Business Licensing In The Slave Lake Region

Are you thinking of joining our vibrant business community as an established business-person or entrepreneur? We are confident that you will find the Slave Lake Region has what you need in terms of resources, capital, infrastructure, capacity and opportunity to expand your business ideas. If you are starting a business in the Town of Slave Lake, you will need a business license to operate, whether you are a home-based business, commercial or industrial business, or temporary sales person. Having a license relays to the public that your business is compliant with local regulations and is permitted to operate within the Town of Slave Lake. The Municipal District of Lesser Slave River does not require a business license, however if you are established and operating in the MD of Lesser Slave River and conducting business within the boundaries of the Town of Slave Lake, you must possess a Town of Slave Lake business license to comply with local regulations. Depending on the type of services or products the business provides, a provincial license may also be required where applicable. Also, all businesses must ensure that they comply with planning and development permit regulations such as an occupying space permit, home-based business permit or sign permit.

Do I Need A Business License?

All commercial and industrial businesses require a license, as well as all contractors (general and sub). Temporary sales people such as a hawker or peddler, and home-based businesses also require a business license. There are some exemptions for those who sell products and/or services in a public market, such as a Farmers Market:

Registered charitable organization
Religious group
Service club
Minor sports association
Scouts, Brownies, Guides and similar organizations
Suppliers bringing bulk goods to a licensed business for purpose of resale
What Are The Business License Fees?
The Town of Slave Lake reviews the fees for business licensing annually. Depending on the type and location of the business, the annual fees range from $140 to $420. The fees for commercial, industrial and home-based businesses are as follows:

Type Yearly Rate Half-Year Rate
(after June 30th)
Resident – place of business is situated within the Town of Slave Lake or the business is located within the MD 124 and HAS a Chamber of Commerce Membership $140 $70
Local Non-Resident – located in MD 124 and operating in the Town of Slave Lake and NOT a member of Chamber of Commerce $420 $210
Non-Resident – business is situated outside of the Slave Lake Region $420 $210

How Do I Renew My Business License?

Business licenses must be renewed annually. A renewal notice and invoice will be sent to the address on your file at the beginning of January each year. If you do not receive a renewal notice by the end of January please contact the Town of Slave Lake. If your license does expire at any time during the year, you must stop all business operations until you are able to renew the license.

What If I Need To Change My Information Or Close My Business?

If information regarding the business has changed, such as moving to a new location or changing the name of the business owner, please fill out the Business License Change of Information form and the Change In Use Permit form and return it to the Town of Slave Lake with a fee of $5.00. If the business does move to a new location, ensure your account is reviewed with the Planning and Development department at the Town of Slave Lake to determine if a new Occupying Space Permit or Development Permit is required.

If you are closing your business, please fill out the Declaration of Business Closure form and return it to the Town of Slave Lake to ensure your file is up-to-date and all regulations are met.

Who Do I Contact For More Information?

For all business licensing inquiries, please contact Leah via:
Phone: 780-849-8000
Fax: 780-849-2633
Mail: Box 1030, Slave Lake AB T0G 2A0
Visit: Town of Slave Lake Office, 10 Main St. SW, Slave Lake

Do You Need Help Navigating Provincial Regulations?

Provincial regulations touch on a variety of areas that small business owners deal with every day. From an employer’s rights and obligations when dealing with employees and customers… to caring for the environment… to paying taxes. Connect with a Business Advisor at The Business Link and they will help you cut the red tape so you can get down to business. Contact a Business Advisor via email or by calling 1-844-422-7705.


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