ATVing is a passionate pastime for many within the region. Spending the day with friends, family or simply taking off for a day solo to get out into the backcountry is a common activity. Many gather friends together and make a day of it, stopping for a wiener roast and enjoying the quiet of the deep forest. Summer and winter, quads, rangers, sleds and Argos can all be found navigating the wooded terrain, such as the Peace River Trail, to engage those seeking adventure in the boreal forest. Those looking for a sandy terrain to ride machines can explore the Chisholm and Smith/Hondo areas. With plenty of sandy trails and places to have campfires, this area is an ATVers dream! Spend a full day in the eastern portion of the region and explore some of the back lakes that can only be accessed through trail riding. All ATV riders are encouraged to use a GPS device as many trails are not marked and trails branch off.

A list of available trails can be found with the following link.


The Flat Top Motocross Track is an epic adventure for local riders and those that attend competitions hosted by the local association. The track has an uphill start with lots of natural elevation changes and is surrounded by forest and endless trail riding opportunities.